Jack's Summer Training

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
June 26 - July 2 6K (3.5M) 700m-Swim   9K (5.6M)     10K (6.2M)
July 3 - 9 14K (8.7M)   11K (6.9M) 3:00:00 Hill Run   10K (6.2M) B-11.5K
July 10 - 16 14K (8.7M) 8K (5M) 19K (11.8M) 1000m Swim   3:15:00 Hill Run B-55K
July 17 - 23 14K (8.7M)   19K (11.8M) 800m Swim 3:15:00 Hill Run   HM Race
July 24 - 30 16K (10M)   19K (11.8M) 1000m Swim 20K (12.5M) 3:15:00 Hill Run  
July 31 - August 6 14K (8.7M)   19K (12M) 1000m Swim 26K (16M) 3:15:00 Hill Run  
August 7 - 13 14K (8.7M)   28K (17.4M)   23K (14.3M) 3:30:00 Hill Run 1000m Swim
August 14 - 20 26K (16M)   19K (11.8M)   14K (8.7M) 3:30:00 Hill Run Swim
August 21 - 27 14K (8.7M) Swim 19K (11.8M)     HM Race Swim
August 28 - September 3 14K (8.7M) Swim 11K (6.8M)     19K (11.8M) Swim
September 3 - 10 8K (5M) Swim 11K (6.8M)   5K (3.1M)   Marathon
September 11 - 17   8K (5M)          
WT = Weight Training; B = Bicycling; S = Swimming
HM = Half-marathon; M = Marathon; UM = M+

Jack's Spring Training

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
March 13-19     7K (4.3M) 1100m Swim 5K-Bike 14K (8.7M) 20K-Bike/WT
March 20-26 14K (8.7M) 1300m Swim
20 min. walk
19K (11.8M) 30 min. walk Rest 20K (12.4M) Hill Run
500m Swim
19K (11.8M) Bike
March 27-April 2 14K (8.7M) 1200m Swim
20K (12.4M) 2K walk   22K (13.7M) Hill Run
10K Race
April 3-9 14K (8.7M) 1300m Swim 14K (8.7M) 2:42:30 Hill Run Rest 15K (9.3M) Rest
April 10-16 14K (8.7M) 1300m Swim
20K (12.4M)   3:01:00 Hill Run 14K (8.7M) Rest
April 17-23 14K (8.7M) 1400m Swim 20K (12.4M) 14K (8.7M) Rest 3:17:15 Hill Run Rest
April 24-30 14K (8.7M) 1200m
14K (8.7M)   8K (5M)   Northern Black Forest
Marathon 43K(26.7M)
May 1-7 8K (5M)   14K (8.7M) 18K Bike (11.2M) 3:30:00 Hill Run 8.88889K Race 28K Bike/1000m Swim
May 8-14 13K (8.1M) 1000m Swim 14K (8.7M) 30 min. walk 30 min. walk 2:30:00 Hill Run  
May 15-21 8K (5M) Swim
30 min. walk
8K (5M)   1:15:00 Hill Run   8K (5M)
20K Bike
May 22 - 28   5K (3.1M)   50K Ultra   8.2K Race (5.1M) WT
May 29 - June 4   800m Swim 14K (8.7M)   9K (5.5M) - Night 2:30:00 Hill Run 1100m Swim
June 5 - 11 Half-marathon 1000m Swim 14K (8.7M) 10K (6.2M)   3:50:00 Hill Run 6K/4M and 14K/8.7M Walk
June 12 - 18 9K (5.5M) 900m Swim 9K (5.5M) 2:00:00 Hill Run   14K (8.7M) 9K/5.5M Walk
June 19 - 25 9K (5.5M) 700m Swim 9K (5.5M)     80K (49.7M) Race  
WT = Weight Training; Bike = Bicycling

A few training notes:

Overall I plan on keeping the pace down a little bit on most of the runs. This is in comparison to my marathon training in the last year. I just went through an intensive year of training, I need to be a little more careful for a while. I think my DNF in March was a warning signal.That’s the plan anyway.

Saturday morning long runs: