Baden Marathon 2005: Kilometer 7

As we entered Durlach we passed the 7K point, took a right, then started winding through the smaller streets on the edge of this town.

The Turmberg (tower) in Durlach, shown in the background on the mountain in the picture below, is a worthwhile trip. From here you get a wonderful view over the whole city of Karlsruhe from the viewing platform.

When visibility is good, you can see right across the Rhine valley and a long way into the Kraichgau region and even France. The Rhine plains fault zone can be clearly seen from this excellent vantage point as well. The summit can be reached either on foot or by the Turmberg's own funicular railway.

Durlach is the oldest part of Karlsruhe - actually Durlach is older than Karlsruhe and you can still enjoy old houses and narrow streets there. It was the Grandduke of Durlach who decided to have a new palace built outside of Durlach - and he picked the location, that is now known as Karlsruhe.

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