Baden Marathon 2005: Kilometer 38

The 38K marker I remember because someone was yelling “4 more K” to every runner (or dazed shuffler) that went by. I glanced at my watch somewhere around the marker and recall around 4:02:00, still an average pace of 6:22/K (10:15/M), despite all the walking.

Almost anyone who has visited Karlsruhe and made their way to the main market area has probably seen the Pyramid. The Pyramid is the tomb of the founder of Karlsruhe - margrave Karl Wilhelm. When he died he was buried in the Konkordia Church that was located right at this place. When in 1807 Karlsruhe's famous architect Weinbrenner tore it away, because he needed more room for the marketplace, he had to find a solution to cover the now unprotected grave. He built a wooden pyramid as a temporary measure. Eventually this was rebuilt out of stone in 1825 and quickly became a landmark of Karlsruhe. The tomb cannot be visited, although there is a door on the northern side of the pyramid. In all those years the interior was entered only once in 1889 by Grand Duke Friedrich 1st. It is said that he forgot his umbrella inside the pyramid.

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