Baden Marathon 2005: Kilometer 25

As as the 25K point arrived, I was still running at least a 5:30/K (8:51/M) pace. My total time for the first 25K (15.5M) was about 2:15:00, an average pace of 5:26/K (8:45/M). This little group must have belonged to one of the universities in town, they were playing some kind of African-sounding music and had lots of cool carvings on display. I would have loved to stop and check these out a little closer.

As the service point arrived shortly after the 25K marker I drank a sports drink and ate a banana, walking through to make it easyier to consume these. Not a good thing, my legs started to tighten up just from this short 45 second walk. This time when I started to run again I had to fight to pick up the pace again, I could feel that my energy level was getting dangerously low, my feet hurt too.

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