Baden Marathon 2005: The Finish

Around the corner, the Europahalle comes into view, I see the cheering people, I stood up straight..the Finish line. I raised my arms in silent victory. I did it, somehow I managed to run over the finish line. I even remembered to smile, or it felt like a smile...

The Baden Marathon was not my first marathon, but my fastest to date. I was just as proud and happy as if it was my first. I hung in there even when my legs wanted to give up. Some people gave up on this day, perhaps due to injury, inadequate training, or a variety of other reasons. If it was easy everyone would do it! But many, many finished their first marathon on this day and I just want to say congratulations, you're a marathoner now. Enjoy the day, savor it, be proud at what you achieved, and don't ever forget today!

Thank You!

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KM-21 KM-22 KM-23 KM-24 KM-25 KM-26 KM-27 KM-28 KM-29 KM-30 KM-31


KM-32 KM-33 KM-34 KM-35 KM-36 KM-37 KM-38 KM-39 KM-40 KM-41 KM-42